13 Basic Responsibilities of the Board

January 9, 2023by Valeska Redmond0

Whether you serve on the board of a large nonprofit organization or an all-volunteer board, the board is the most important body of any nonprofit organization. The emphasis is on the word body because the board works as an entity – individuals do not make decisions by themselves, it is the group who does. Board members work as a collective to assure legal and moral health of the organization.

When we look at effective boards and how they function, you will notice that effective boards are self-aware, function in constructive partnership with their chief executive, and are committed to continually improving their performance.

Consider these 13 basic responsibilities of the board:

  1. Determine mission and purposes, and advocate for them.
  2. Select the chief executive.
  3. Support and evaluate the chief executive. Work in partnership with the chief executive.
  4. Ensure effective planning including strategic, fund development, and program planning.
  5. Monitor and strengthen programs and services.
  6. Come prepared for board meetings.
  7. Ensure adequate financial resources including identifying and soliciting new / existing donors.
  8. Think strategically and generatively.
  9. Protect assets and provide financial oversight.
  10. Build and sustain a competent board.
  11. Ensure legal and ethical integrity.
  12. Enhance the organization’s public standing and serve as an ambassador.
  13. Make a financial contribution at least once a year.

Adapted from: BoardSource.com

Valeska Redmond

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