Elements of a Communications Plan

A comprehensive communications plan that clearly outlines each step of the process and is in sync with your resource development strategies is standard protocol for any well-run nonprofit that seeks to enhance its fundraising efforts. Below is an outline of key elements of a communications plan.

    1. Goals
      What is the purpose of your communication?
    1. Audiences
      Who are you trying to reach?
    1. External
    2. Internal
    3. Research
    1. Strategies
      Which audience is receiving what type of message and through which type of channel?
    1. Messages
    2. Channels
    1. Design
      What is your theme? What type of collateral materials are needed?
    1. Theme and Logo
    2. Materials
    1. Implementation
      What is the timeline for your communications plan? Who is involved in executing it? What is your budget?
    1. Timeline
    2. Budget
    1. Evaluation and Mid-Course Adjustments
      What is working well? What isn’t? What changes need to be made to accomplish your communication goals?
    1. Strengths and Weaknesses
    2. New Approaches






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