We believe that effective communication is critical to fundraising success. The words you choose to craft your message and build your case require special attention. In order to attract and retain donors, you need to tell your story clearly and explain logically why you merit their support.

For us, successful storytelling must also make insightful use of strategic design – both online and offline – to draw in donors and set yourself apart from other nonprofits. A consistent visual identity builds confidence and trust in your organization’s ability to carry out its promises.

We can assist you in clarifying your mission and vision for the future as well as summarizing your ideas with consistent imagery and design that resonates with your donors. We can help you identify your communication goals and develop a communications plan that is tailored to your specific needs and distinct audiences to enhance your fundraising program. From annual reports and direct-mail appeals to campaign websites and case statements, we collaborate closely with you to ensure your communications initiatives are executed strategically, so you can achieve your fundraising goals.

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