Annual Fund Audit

An annual fund audit is a focused, intensive study of your organization’s entire annual fundraising program and designed to provide specific strategies and recommendations that can be put into effect immediately. In a way, it is similar to our resource development audit approach, but here, we hone in exclusively on your annual giving program.

For the assessment, we examine annual fundraising plans, strategies, and processes as well as staff and volunteer structure to help identify areas that can be improved or made more efficient right away. We determine cost to raise an annual fund dollar and ways to improve rates of return on your investment to raise that annual fund dollar. We review stewardship processes, including giving levels and donor recognition clubs. We analyze your current annual giving plan and make recommendations to improve your plan, methods, and results for this giving year. We meet with all staff involved in the annual fundraising programs to assess where challenges and opportunities exist. We also interview your annual fund chair to gain an external perspective of the strengths and obstacles of your annual giving program.

Because of our belief that successful fundraising depends on effective communication, we also review your annual fund communications programs, including your messaging and marketing materials, to gain a deeper understanding of how you engage with your constituents.

At the end of our assessment, we provide you with a written report of findings, recommendations, and strategies to improve your annual fund program. Because the assessment focuses on annual fundraising, it typically can be completed within three weeks, allowing you to quickly begin putting the recommendations into effect. In line with the assessment, we also provide counsel for 30 days after the action plan is delivered, offering guidance to help you implement the necessary changes.