There is always room for growth – whether professionally or personally. Board members are no exception. They too need to grow individually and collectively to improve and sustain the effectiveness of the board. After all, the board is the single most important body of your organization. Board members are legally, socially, and ethically responsible for the wellbeing of the organization, and ultimately, it’s success. That is why specific board of directors training is important.

Group training sessions allow board members to become familiar with one another and build relationships. This is particular true for boards that undergo a transition. Training also ensures that new board members grasp the basics of duties in addition to the organization’s dynamics and culture. It further allows board members to develop a deeper understanding of the organization through shared knowledge and experience.

Whether your board members need a refresher on board governance, e.g., legal duties, role clarification, fund development commitment, or simply training on the art of the ask, e.g., articulating the need, dealing with donor objections, Dogwood Philanthropy Group can assist you with group and individual training that is tailored to your board’s needs. Through interactive and engaging exercises, we assist you with developing your board into a high-functioning team that will be a significant source of leadership and fundraising for your organizatio