Capital Campaign

A capital campaign is the most comprehensive fundraising effort a nonprofit can undertake. It also represents an unprecedented opportunity to help donors understand who you are, what you do, who you serve, why you matter, and why they should care and support you. In the end, a successful capital campaign elevates your organization by raising the money and awareness you need to advance your mission.

Whether it’s your first campaign or you are a veteran fundraiser, a capital campaign requires relentless attention to the countless nuts and bolts of fundraising. The planning process, scope of work, and the many other decisions you must make to prepare and implement a capital campaign are critical to achieve excellence in fundraising.

As capital campaign consultants we see ourselves as your partner on the campaign team, providing you with the best campaign strategy suited for your organization. We offer a wide range of campaign consulting services customized to your specific needs and to drive your fundraising success. Here are some, but not all, of the capital campaign services that we provide:

  • Prepare and help you assess your fundraising program and your campaign readiness to embark on new development ventures.
  • Help you conduct a feasibility study to test your potential for raising the money you need.
  • Assist you in developing a capital campaign plan and budget.
  • Provide direction for identifying and training the right campaign volunteer leadership.
  • Help you craft the case for support to make sure you have a compelling story.
  • Prepare and help you implement a campaign communications plan that is in line with current communications strategies.
  • Ensure that the appropriate campaign accounting policies, gift agreements, and donor recognition policies are in place.
  • Guide you in the development of cultivation and solicitation strategies for prospective major donors to the campaign.
  • Help you develop clear and persuasive campaign materials – print and online – to use with donors.
  • Ensure that the capital campaign is integrated with all ongoing fundraising activities.

No two nonprofits – and no two capital campaigns – are alike. That is why we collaborate closely with you to design fundraising and communications solutions tailored to your individual needs. We work by your side before, during, and after your capital campaign, or for as long as you need us.