Case For Support

A case for support, or case statement, explains why you need to raise money. It spells out the purpose of the philanthropic support you are seeking. It is the bedrock on which fundraising is built. Your case is your story, and it should make it easy for anyone to see why they should contribute to advancing your cause.

Still, many nonprofits struggle to explain and articulate persuasively why they need money, and several are reluctant to address the critical question donors often ask about how their organizations solve problems and adjust to changing market or societal needs.

That’s where we can help. We have developed a free guide that explains the purpose and function of the case for support. The guide outlines the elements and language of an effective case statement. It spells out powerful communication techniques that will move donors to take action and support you. You can access our guide here.

If you decide to engage us, we can help you develop a case statement, or we can even write it for you. We are fundraising professionals and communications experts who understand the factors that are critical in helping donors see why they should support you. We sit down with you and listen to the reasons you give for your need for money. We ask questions, and help you build your argument. We write your story in clear, compelling, and persuasive language that makes it easy for donors to see why they should contribute to your cause.

We also can help you create an elevator speech – a 30-second summary of your case for support. And we can train your staff and volunteer leadership on how to communicate your cause to effectively enlist donors.

In a world filled with worthy causes, gaining donors’ trust and support depends on helping them see why your organization matters, and why they should care. Our job is to help you do just that.