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Strategic thinker

"Valeska is a strategic thinker that provides exemplary direction and insight towards people and projects and making the key connections needed to move everyone forward to meet and exceed their goals. She provides an engaging environment that excites others to get involved to make the project and/or organization excel."
DR. SHELLY HOOVER PLONK, Student Enhancement Programs
North Carolina State University

Superior quality of work

"I’ve witnessed first-hand how Valeska is able to engage and motivate her agency/corporate liaisons, while providing them with the necessary tools for a robust and successful campaign. Valeska is detail-oriented, and it shows in the superior quality of work that she produces."

Piedmont Health Services

True professional

"Valeska is a true professional. She is a skilled strategic planner with amazing analytical skills. She excels at coaching and leading others and is a fantastic teacher and manager. Valeska is creative, witty and a experienced leader. Whether change management, communication logic, or training – she’s the perfect choice."
TIA MCLAURIN, Community Engagement Manager

Dedication to excellence

"Valeska brings an outstanding professionalism to every project she undertakes. Her time management skills and dedication to excellence in her work are invaluable and set the highest standards for her colleagues, teammates, and the students she assists."

DR. MELINDA LEONARDO, Director of Interim and Executive Search
AGB Search


"Valeska Redmond is a true professional! She is one of the most organized and forward-thinking partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When it came to designing and outlining the needs of our agency, Valeska helped us organize our thoughts and align our priorities that looked beyond the present and well into the future. After efficient planning and several structured working sessions with Valeska, our finished strategic plan is one of the strongest our agency has ever seen!"

COLISHA STANFORD, Executive Director
StepUp Ministry